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Amber Burns studied Art and Dance at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She received her BFA in Art Education in 2011 and was an art at Marshall School in Duluth, MN from 2012-2018. Amber received her MLS in Arts Development and Program Management, and is now the Artistic Director of the Duluth Playhouse Family Theatre. Amber been a director, choreographer, and teacher for the Duluth Playhouse, Renegade Theater, and has done guest works with The MN Ballet, UMD Theater Department, Madill Performing Arts Center, and more. You can also find her performing on the Comedy Improv team for the Renegade Theater. 



“I have always been interested in the invisible energies that surround us. I like the idea that everything has a source of power that radiates out. What if we could see that energy? What would it look like? What color would it be? How do we connect to it? I am interested in the forces that connect people, nature, and communities.”

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